2017 Bayou Regional

This past weekend the team competed in the 2017 Bayou Regional. The team took the knowledge that it learned about how effective gameplay should be, and fabricated a ground pickup gear mechanism. However, due to the lack of a practice bot, and the competition robot being in a bag, the team was not able to figure out final mounting points of the gear mechanism until the thursday practice day of the regional. The team spent that day finalizing the gear mech, and mounting it to the robot.

The gear mechanism showed promise as the team went into its first practice matches, but quickly realized that changes had to be made, to make it more effective. The team spent the rest of that evening and early friday morning to make the desired changes. Because the gear mechanism was still being tweaked after every match to make it more effective, and also since the drivers had no practice with it before that regional the team had a rough start. However towards the end of the regional, the team started to hit its stride and field a very effective gear bot.


Rank: 27

Elims: 1st pick of Alliance 7, Eliminated in Quarter Finals

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