2017 Red Stick Rumble

Episcopal’s KnightVision 3991 won the 2017 Red Stick Rumble held at Woodlawn High School on August 26 with the help of alliance members teams 3039 and 2221. They day was long and grueling with numerous problems popping up almost continuously. However the team persevered and fixed the problems as they appeared, the programmers perfected their code to never miss an auto, and the drive team adapted on the fly constantly to maintain their high level of play regardless of any problems that did appear mid match.

The Red Stick Rumble victory was especially sweet for our KnightVision seniors.  “We’ve gone to red stick rumble for four years and we’ve made it to the finals every year and were just barely eliminated.  It’s good to finally win,” says a team member.  There are 20 students on team KnightVision, spanning all four years of Upper School.  These students take on roles such as pilot, driver, programmer and drive coach.  Team members Will Bodron, Marcus Botos and Logan Robertson all reported a sense of accomplishment after the win.  “This is something we’ve worked on since January,” said Bodron, who is in his senior year.  Logan Robertson, who is also a senior and a new member of the team, says he’s glad he joined after seeing the action.


Rank: 9

Elims: 1st pick of Alliance 3, Winners

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