2017 Rock City Regional

FRC Team 3991 KnightVision won the 2017 Rock City Regional this weekend in Arkansas. KnightVision was picked as the second pick of the first alliance, and joined Teams 16 (BombSquad) and 3310 (Black Hawk Robotics) to win it all, and allowing KnightVision to bring home its first Regional win.

The team started rock city with a very rough start. Due to numerous unexpected situations before the event, and a last second change of plans, the team brought an unfinished bot to rock city that wasn’t even capable of moving yet. During the thursday practice day, the team quickly put the rest of the bot together, including the drivetrain, climber, and a gear mech. While the drivetrain and climber were finished successfully, the gear mech was created rather fragile due to the lack of resources in the pit. This resulted in the gear mech being destroyed in the team’s second qualification match, and lacked the resources to fix it again. For the rest of the day, and saturday morning, the team frantically tried to figure out a new strategy, and decided to just play defense as hard as possible, in the hopes that an alliance would recognize the team’s potential on their alliance and pick them. Luckily the strategy played out, the team was picked by the number one alliance, and the alliance went on to win the regional, allowing KnightVision to bring home its first Regional win.


Rank: 24

Elims: 2nd Pick of 1st Seed Alliance, Winners

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