• 2017 Red Stick Rumble

    2017 Red Stick Rumble

    Episcopal’s KnightVision 3991 won the 2017 Red Stick Rumble held at Woodlawn High School on August 26 with the help of alliance members teams 3039 and 2221. They day was long and grueling with numerous problems popping up almost continuously. However the team persevered and fixed the problems as they appeared, the programmers perfected their code...Read More
  • 2017 Louisiana Festival de Robotique

    2017 Louisiana Festival de Robotique

    On May 25, 2017 FRC KnightVision #3991, Episcopal School’s First Robotics Team, attended the inaugural Louisiana Festival de Robotique. Festival de Robotique (FRC) was an initiative by State Sen. Sharon Hewitt, R-Slidell, and DOW Chemical Company to raise awareness of First Robotics, to recognize robotics teams who attended First Robotics World Championship in Houston, and allow Louisiana teams to compete in...Read More
  • 2017 Worlds – Roebling Division

    2017 Worlds – Roebling Division

    On Wednesday April 19th, 11 young engineers (and a few old ones) from the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge loaded into black vans and made the journey to the George R. Brown Convention center in Houston, TX.  There, approximately 400 of the best teams from around the world gathered to form alliances and compete in...Read More
  • 2017 Bayou Regional

    2017 Bayou Regional

    This past weekend the team competed in the 2017 Bayou Regional. The team took the knowledge that it learned about how effective gameplay should be, and fabricated a ground pickup gear mechanism. However, due to the lack of a practice bot, and the competition robot being in a bag, the team was not able to...Read More
  • 2017 Rock City Regional

    2017 Rock City Regional

    FRC Team 3991 KnightVision won the 2017 Rock City Regional this weekend in Arkansas. KnightVision was picked as the second pick of the first alliance, and joined Teams 16 (BombSquad) and 3310 (Black Hawk Robotics) to win it all, and allowing KnightVision to bring home its first Regional win. The team started rock city with...Read More
  • 2016 Red Stick Rumble

    2016 Red Stick Rumble

    Saturday August 27th Team 3991 – KnightVision,  Episcopal’s FRC team came together with 21 other FRC teams from Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi to take part in the 4th Annual Dow Red Stick Rumble at Baton Rouge’s Woodlawn High School.  After eight qualifying matches,  KnightVision went into the elimination rounds ranked 4th with a 6-2 record.  As the 4th seed alliance captain, we swept through the quarter and semifinals undefeated.
  • 2016 Lone Star Regional

    2016 Lone Star Regional

    Our robotics team, Team 3991 KnightVision, traveled to Houston last week to compete in one of the toughest regionals in the country.  The team and the robot performed amazingly well throughout the competition where we competed against 66 robots from around the US and Turkey and Mexico.  We bounced in and out of the top...Read More
  • 2016 Kickoff

    2016 Kickoff

    On Saturday, January 9, the Episcopal Robotics Team attended the 2016 FIRST® Robotics Competition Season Kickoff Presentation at the LSU Digital Media Center. The Kickoff marked the beginning of the robot build season for FIRST STRONGHOLD, which is the game for the 2016 robotics competition. The team had the opportunity to see a video about...Read More